As a leading consulting firm, we are committed to facilitating fair and transparent procurement processes, ensuring equal opportunities for qualified vendors, suppliers, and service providers in the private sector.


Our Commitment to Private Sector Excellence

At Mobus Consults, we recognize the significance of private sector projects in driving economic growth and innovation. Our commitment is to support private companies and organizations in achieving their objectives by assisting in the procurement of competent and reliable partners for their ventures.

Current Private Sector Procurement Opportunities

This page will regularly update with the latest procurement opportunities, tenders, and requests for proposals (RFPs) from private companies and organizations. We invite interested suppliers, contractors, and service providers to explore these opportunities and participate in projects that align with their expertise.

Registering for Private Projects

To stay informed about upcoming private sector procurement opportunities, we encourage interested vendors and service providers to register with us. By registering, you will be included in our database of potential suppliers, and you will receive notifications about relevant opportunities that match your capabilities.

How to Participate in Private Sector Procurement Opportunities

Participating in private sector procurement opportunities requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to specific guidelines. Once you identify a relevant opportunity, follow the instructions outlined in the respective procurement notice to submit your proposal, bid, or expression of interest. Our team will diligently review all submissions to ensure a fair evaluation process.

Why Partner with Mobus Consults for Private Projects

Choosing us as your partner for private projects offers distinct advantages. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in collaborating with private companies and organizations on a wide range of projects. Our team of professionals possesses an in-depth understanding of private sector procurement processes, enabling us to provide valuable insights and guidance.

For further information about our involvement in private projects or assistance with the procurement process, please reach out to our dedicated team. We are committed to helping you forge successful partnerships and contribute to the growth and success of your private sector endeavors. At Mobus Consults, we believe in fostering strong partnerships and driving innovation in the private sector. We look forward to working closely with private companies and organizations to deliver impactful projects that create value and drive prosperity. Thank you for considering us as your strategic partner for private projects under procurement notice.

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Our Vision

At Mobus Consults, our vision is to be a trusted partner and a catalyst for positive change in the industries we serve. We aim to be recognized as a global consulting leader, known for our expertise, integrity, and unwavering commitment to our clients' success.

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